5 Types of SMS API’s You would get at MsgClub

Most authentic, scalable and custom-built, SMS API for your enterprise provides a simple and fastest way for a developer to connect with an SMS gateway. An application program interface enables SMS in any application, website or system to send and receive messages around the country via a wide range of operators connection.

Start adding SMS gateway to your system today, integrate following API’s directly with any application or get all flexibility of SMPP for reliable long-term SMS services. The choice is yours!

Check out below the varieties of SMS API’s which our company supports-

  1. HTTP SMS API- This simple yet popular API allows clients to send 50-100 messages in real time. Yes, it’s very easy to configure and ideal for small business vendors. If you’re a beginner to Bulk SMS API and wants to quick start, download your HTTP SMS API sample code.
  2. POST SMS API- The Post SMS API is highly used by big business companies or organizations like school, college, and universities. As you know they are having a lot of information to convey, so they need POST SMS API in their systems to send thousands of messages to customers/employees/students at one time.
  3. XML SMS API- An XML API for users allow them to exchange and use information in large heterogeneous networks. This API is totally language independent that features a broad range of functions like, SMS support, Sender ID, Delivery report, Gateway escalation and more.
  4. SOAP SMS API- If you love an idea of XML based SMS overs HTTPS, then you will need a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to exchange information in a decentralized, distributed network. Our company has flexible SOAP API for sending text messages to users around India.
  5. SMPP API- It is a popular choice for large business enterprises and organizations that focus on high volume two-way communication with their audiences. This SMS API needs to operate by someone who has special knowledge, sending minimum 5000 messages each month.

Choose your SMS API php according to your requirement and the scale of your bulk SMS list. If you want to know more about our bulk sms gateway API integration, you can reach us at www.msgclub.net





bulk sms gateway API


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