Choose Bulk SMS Route of Your Best Choice

SMS marketing services is a type of marketing that helps to reach your customers through text messages. It is done through a web-based program which allows people to send bulk SMS messages to engage their customers. Such gateway offers different routes to send SMS according to business type. Mainly, there are two common routes; Transactional and Promotional that are widely used by small and large organizations. For sending OTP, the Bank transactions transactional route is used and when it comes to sending offers, sale or promotion of goods and services businesses use the promotional route.

Apart from that, our company is providing an opportunity to choose route as per your business type or content. No matter, what your business is? We are giving an amazing option to choose SMS routes of different types like,

Alert SMS


Marketing SMS

This route allows marketers to send SMS to DND or Non-DND numbers. On the other hand, our OTP service route is highly used by clients that give various advantages to them;

Voice backup for failed SMS OTPs.

We generate the OTP on your behalf, we send and we verify. You have to just call our bulk SMS APIs.

Our robust system will generate otp in less than a second.

Even, there are various other routes that offer different benefits to clients. But the choice is yours. Our team members are available to guide what type of route you should choose as per your requirement because sending an SMS from right route gives you best engagement rate of any marketing medium.


SMS marketing services

bulk SMS APIs


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