What are the different types of Routes to send bulk sms?

You’re looking for someone who understands your business needs or you need someone who has the ability to work with your unique challenges or someone who provides you solutions for all problems.

Congrats, you’ve found us………

With over a decade in bulk SMS marketing services, SMS is the best communication tool for every industry to quickly send SMS. Recently, we have our new service of the SMS panel that allows you to send the message as per your business type. It doesn’t matter for which industry you’re working, we have different types of routes like-

  • Transactional Route
  • Promotional Route
  • OTP service Route

It does not end here! We have some more SMS routes for those industries who’re taking benefits of bulk SMS services from us. Our customers are highly demanding to use a particular route type that gives them two in one result.

For example:

  • If a person is working in a stock marketing company and he/she wants to send SMS to shareholders than they can simply select ‘’Trans Stock’’ route to share any important information.

  • If an e-commerce company needs to promote their festive offers or sale than we have a promotional route to send SMS for discounts and deals.

So, at last, choose your best bulk SMS route and we just want to say MsgClub has many innovative solutions in the field of bulk SMS. You will love to get best solutions and bulk SMS API services from our company.


bulk SMS API

bulk SMS marketing services


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