Get the highly secure bulk SMS panel on MsgClub

With the increase in cybercrime rate around our surrounding areas, securing your account are becoming more and more critical. Every business strives to keep their employees, assets, and users as safe as possible. Our team has worked years to build and maintain our SMS marketing services. We at MsgClub are so confident, that our panel security is so high that you’ll ever find in the market. We will not only providing security, but we are offering more than this. This includes all your login sessions, auth key security and much more.


Recently, we have developed a login history window. You can see it when you have a  sign-in to your account to send bulk SMS to thousands of people, you will get a pop up that shows your history of old log in sessions. Our aim is to provide a high-level security to our clients and bulk SMS reseller. In this popup, you can make sure that the session is made successful by you or not. Sometimes people are unaware of their account password has been changed, so we provide best security solutions to keep your account safe & secure with us!

We save your username, password and other important details in an encrypted format on our system which is not easy to hack by people. However, if you’re using our bulk SMS panel to send several messages for your organization and your password or mobile number has been changed by someone else so, don’t worry we will send you an email and an SMS on your registered number that your password has been changed. This security feature just works like a Gmail security.

On the other hand, if you’re working as a developer and you are in need of an authentication key to carrying out the SMS process, our system will not allow you to access that auth key without sending an OTP on your registered number or email.

Once you’ve received a One-time-password (OTP) then you can safely use it to send thousands of text messages to people sitting around the nation.

These security features are an essential tool we use in our system to keep our client’s database highly safe & secure. Make sure your security is in our hands……….


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