Transactional Bulk SMS Service: Low Cost But High In Benefits

Did you ever notice? All those text messages with contact numbers flashing on mobiles especially from colleges, banks, insurance companies etc. Well, you might have seen it but didn’t pay any attention only because you did not bother to get information from them and the reason is you’re not interested it is none for you.

But since you have stepped up in the business, you will know the use of bulk SMS marketing for your business to achieve better outcomes.

Well, it’s a great idea but before moving on, you have to learn the aspects of transactional bulk SMS service for your company or enterprise.

What it stands for?

Transactional SMS is a type of SMS service that is used to send informative messages or service messages to people. It has six character sender ID which can be customized as per your brand or company name.


What are its main benefits for your business?

  • It has precise sender ID
  • The message will be delivered on DND as well as Non-DND numbers
  • There is no delay in SMS. It will get transferred in just a few seconds.
  • The gateway of a transactional SMS remains open for 24*7. This allows businesses to send a message anywhere without any restriction.

Guidelines you need to follow while signing up a contract with transactional service-

There are no harsh rules but still, you have to follow certain guidelines before hiring transactional SMS service from any bulk SMS gateway provider. The most important thing is that the message is a service SMS and its identity should not be forged as promotional service. Also, this may vary from provider to provider so before moving on must know the rules of the company, you’re associating with.

Later, must keep the track of all the records of sent transactional messages, any time you have to show that database.

When this service can be used commonly?

  1. For banking notification
  2. For one-time password and username, password
  3. For order confirmation, shipping details
  4. For the cancellation of bus, train and air tickets
  5. For notification of any event, appointment or reminder

If you’re planning to choose the best service provider then must try MsgClub transactional services. They provide a special route for this service so that your SMS will get deliver on-time.

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