What’s the best time to send retail text messages

With the increase in popularity of SMS marketing retailers have started using it in many ways, but the most ideal way is to promote and sell their products. As we all know bulk SMS marketing is cost-effective and has the whopping open rate and CTR than all marketing channels, especially for small and medium retailers it gives more return on investment.


But it only works when the timing is right means sending an amazing sale offer to your store at 3:00 am will not work and will more annoy people. So, in this post, you can learn-

Best time to shoot text messaging campaigns:

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

In the morning hours, home-sick people are totally free they tend to have time to read your messages and working people are arriving at offices, checking emails and also tend to read interesting messages.

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Evenings are a popular time to send messages. Similarly, before people went to their bed after a long hectic day reward them with a good thing. If you’re thinking to send it after 9 pm than people may not have time to buy products or may plan to buy it in morning and forget about it in hurry. So, try to send them important notifications, reminders and other promotional offers via bulk SMS service gateway in between these hours.


Best Days to send SMS:


Some reports revealed that SMS campaigns have 44% increasing rate on Friday compared to other days. In our country, Saturday Sunday is the weekend time for people and they always plan to do something enjoyable. Being an online retailer offers them additional coupons and cashback offers to attract them towards your store.

End of the working week

There is 38% increase in SMS campaigns open-rate if sent during the end of the week as compared to the starting. People are often going shopping during their week off.


Moreover, there are some special occasions and festivals through which you can increase sale at that particular time. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Diwali, Independence Day, Valentine’s day, Mother’s & Father’s day, Spring & Summer seasons, Birthday/Anniversaries are some of the best time for retailers to take a business to a new height.

A business retailer can choose MsgClub as their bulk SMS gateway provider if he/she wishes to get best services at best rates. They have a long code, missed call, URL shortener, voice call, bulk SMS and a lot more services under one roof.


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